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She appeared in his haute couture shows and ad campaigns, and has since been featured in various high fashion editorials for Pejic first made a name for herself when her name was still Andrej, appearing in both men’s and women’s fashion campaigns and runway shows, quickly becoming a favorite of Jean-Paul Gaultier.After coming out as trans in 2014, the blonde bombshell made her catwalk return in Giles’ fall show this February.A Fancy World, Beauty, Brave, BREAKING NEWS, BUSINESS, Celebs, Cities, CRIME, Drugs, EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT, Fashion, GAY, GENDER, LEGAL, Lesbian, LGBT, LIFE, LOVE, Media, Movies, News, Pleasure, POLITICS, Race, Rant, SCANDAL, SEX, The Flipside Views, The Peepshow, THEBLOT LOVE, Tragedy, Travel, Women, WORLDTransgender women are hot! Take a gender studies course if you want the skinny on all things trans; we are not teachers. Do NOT ask us about trans issues, what it’s like to live a day in our shoes or what our stance is on the treatment of trans women the world over. If the girl in question is a software engineer, you should probably ask her about that. Buy a few books on us if that’s your thing, educate yourself — the information is out there.With Barneys’ groundbreaking spring 2014 campaign, transgender models are in a rare position: the spotlight.As an industry, fashion has always been among the first and most active supporters of the LGBT community, but the “T” has often been left behind.

)— remains a symbol of fabulous tenacity and a lesson in how to snatch tens across the board like it’s your goddamn job. earns the top spot as a groundbreaking supermodel who rose to prominence in 2010 when she became muse to Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci.

After winning Thailand’s 2010 Miss International Queen pageant for transgender and transsexual women, Talackova set her sights on the 2012 Miss Universe Canada pageant.

She was chosen as one of the top 65 finalists, but when someone recognized Jenna from the Miss International Queen pageant, she was disqualified. The actress, writer, model, and performance artist can be seen twirling through Selfridges’ new Agender campaign video and if she has it her way, you’ll eventually see her bringing a more human side to Lady Macbeth — her dream acting role.

Over the years, trans women have made leaps and bounds in the modeling industry, booking high fashion editorials, campaigns, and runway shows while striking a blow for trans equality.

Here, a list of the most beautiful and striking trans supermodels in history.

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Currently, Juliana’s art and likeness are the stars of the prestigious New Museum Triennial, honoring emerging artists.

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