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Justin Timberlake is performing at the Super Bowl halftime show sponsored by Pepsi, so his presence will undoubtedly be woven into the brand's marketing.Pringles will use the ad, which it released on Jan.The ad will continue E-Trade's recent "Don't Get Mad, Get E-Trade" campaign and highlight the perils of not planning ahead for retirement by showing several seniors forced into jobs like lifeguarding.It released a teaser on the Thursday before the game. 26 teaser featuring CEO Jeff Bezos, Alexa has lost her voice.Universal Parks last appeared in the Super Bowl in 2010. Although it declined to discuss details of the spot when it announced it on Jan.Amazon will use its first Super Bowl ad promoting the Prime service to try priming the pump for "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan," an original series due Aug. 29, its new marketing approach steers clear of big female pop stars like Taylor Swift that have endorsed Diet Coke in the past and calls on lower-profile endorsers such as includes Gillian Jacobs, known for roles in NBC's "Community" and Netflix's "Love," and Karan Soni, an Indian-American actor known for playing a supporting role in "Deadpool." Sibling Coca-Cola is also running an ad.The goal of the spot is to promote black culture and Blacture, which a press releases says will feature content from artists and influencers plus tell stories that are underreported in mass media.The ad follows an NFL season marked by controversy over some players' protests over racial injustice.

Former "Saturday Night Live" star Bill Hader will appear, highlighting the idea of stacking various flavors of the potato crisps to concoct unique flavor combinations.

Lexus released an extended cut of the commercial on Jan. After first saying that it would run two 60-second spots, one in the first quarter and one during halftime, Toyota said on the Friday before the game that it had picked up another ad, 30 seconds long, for the second half.

The first ad will plug Toyota's new global Olympics sponsorship, continuing a global campaign called "Start Your Impossible" that debuted in October.

It is Quicken's first Super Bowl effort since 2016, when a commercial advertising the Rocket Mortgage invited backlash as viewers compared it to the sub-prime lending crisis of 2008.

Wendy's is calling out Mc Donald's for using frozen beef with the snarky wording its social media followers have grown to love. 29 via a video on Elite Daily featuring a star of its 2017 ad, Terry Bradshaw, and the star of the new spot, David Harbour of Netflix's "Stranger Things." Tide staged an elaborate integration with the on-screen action for its 2017 Super Bowl ad ("Bradshaw Stain"), which promoted Pods.

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  1. Andersen summarizes, “The big idea is this, men: Don't keep her guessing. It is a risk of course, but better on you than her. Such an absolute dictum forces relational growth into something mechanistic and awkwardly coordinated, rather than natural, with some breathing room and uncertainty.