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Then again, 99% of those pathetic female porn stars who feel it necessary to get gigantic implants give me the creeps. Sammy Davis Jr.--grotesque dynamo Robin Williams--lunatic leprechaun, and NOT funny Amy Schumer--simpering, fat little girl Chelsea Handler--filth Paul Ryan - creepy dead eyes, he seems robotic, he probably is a robot Taylor Swift - no sex appeal whatsoever, is utterly fake and manufactured when it comes to..... I believe he was acting like the man who he was portraying. I have this thing about Nikki Sixx where I find him repellent in some intangible way but I also kind of want to fuck him anyway.Next they get all kinds of facial work done so they look like plastic sex dolls. Plus, he STOLE the Oscar from Michael Keaton, who deserved it. EVERYTHING: crappy by-the-numbers pop music, fake romantic relationships, fake friendships with other celebrities, fake 'girl' squad Russell Brand - always looks as if he's covered in a film of oil, I can't even look at him, he's so fucking repulsive Carla Bruni. Any celeb who always looks dirty, the kind of celebrity who you can almost smell through the TV or theater screen! The actor portraying him in the series, Darren Criss, is a million times better looking than AC. He's been in a bunch of TV shows and movies - he was the creepy Yellow King in True Detective, in Hannibal as a creepy surgeon , and I just saw him in Suburbicon and Waco. The Big Short was a great movie, how you could allow your hatred for Steve Carrel spoil it for you, is beyond my understanding. You just have to look at him to know he’s done some abhorrent things to get where he is.Riz was up against his co-star John Turturro, who also gave a great performance as his character's lawyer.Both on and off the set, Riz spoke in a Queens NY accent for the 8 months of filming. Here's Riz's transformation as the character Naz Khan, a college kid from Queens NY, who is accused of murdering a woman he picked up in his dad's cab.

All his costars he ever worked with have mentioned what a freak and an asshole he is in real life. It's probably more creepy that she comes across as actually being retarded and her retardedness seems to get ignored by most. Do they still get the retarded to wipe down tables at Mac Donald's? Dakota from when she was acting like she was such hot stuff with Tom Cruise, with her creepy eyes and transparent white skin, and the Olson twins, with similarly bugged out eyes, plastic surgeried visage, and their haunted, otherworldly expressions.I don't think either one has ever exhibited actual facial expressions. Such hard and cruel features and the eyes bespoke madness. Taylor Swift- in that she seems soo programmed and asexual. Oz, the plastic surgeon on The Doctors Tori's husband-he of the tiny close together pig eyes Ronan Farrow-he of the cold dead fake Sinatra eyes Juliette Lewis-she of the mentally challenged looking cross eyes Arianna Lollypop Head Grande. They had several better looking men in lesser roles. People finding certain celebrities "creepy" have issues because they don't know them from Adam. Can you picture him handing out candy on Halloween? If you had to go down a dark alley and Russell Brand was standing there, could you do it? His hair is a greasy looking mop, and he looks like he'd smell really bad. (I take particular care to address them all.) It governs me when I am watching television or a movie and see her: I immediately run up to the television, no matter where I may be, no matter whom I may be with, to expertly and carefully and delicately place my thumb over her "constant companion."If, by chance, I happened to have glanced up at the television a moment too late, and narrowly miss its fleeing provocative image, so as to jeopardize my fulfilling my ritual (cruelty!Eddie Marsan has kind eyes when he's not performing, and he even looks sexy with that Van Dyke. he always seems like he stepped out of a Dickens novel as one of the lower-class villains. Steven Speilberg- could be based on the weird Crispin Glover- DL gossip- but his kid movies are creepy. Then I kept hearing he was cast in more and more films and wondered why. I'm not a judge of talent but is he that fucking brilliant - because he sure doesn't have anything else going for him. Even when she was being touted as America's Lil Sweetheart a decade ago, the image of pure feminine innocence, I thought she looked like a rat in human form. Judging them because they don't like their looks or perceived lifestyle isn't cool. Reese Witherspoon and that chin of hers, her " constant companion." (In this particular photo, it appears it has a temporary "house guest" to keep it company. ), I will grab the remote control and either pause the screen or rewind it, in order to achieve the perfect framing of my conquest, my obsession, my breath.After their breakthrough performances in 2007’s SUPERBAD, Oscar-winner #Emma Stone (#La La Land) & #Jonah Hill reunite for the 10-part @netflix dark comedy series MANIAC! She's so mean and coarse and ungracious about her success and fame - I find it creepy. I watched The Big Short the other night and he ruined it for me. Knowing what we do about her father, Nicole Kidman probably belongs there too. It had nothing to do with race, only what I could live with in terms of policy. Amber Heard, Fred Armison, Beyonce and her baby daddy, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, Rihanna, JLo, Mariah Carey, Sarah Paulson, Reese Witherspoon, Zac Efron, those Kartrashians, Tori Spelling, Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer, Will, Willow & Jaden Smith, Caitlyn Jenner, Ben Stiller, the Olsen Twins, Jennifer Garner, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Andrew Christian - LOL, REALLY! That reminds me, I haven't checked my mail in a month... Natalie Portman's been mentioned a few times - why? Of course they creep you out, they've made a career out of playing creeps! R297, Wilson looks good in that photo, I'm hard-pressed to say what it is that totally creeps me out about him. That WASP country club persona behind which lurks a terrible person? Someone mentioned him in the "Charlie's Angels" thread - Kevin Tighe. There were two guys my grandparents loved on TV that made my skin crawl: Andy Griffiths and Bob Newhart.

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