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Cory Booker - with shoulders thick as a Buick underneath his oversize pads - raced untouched across the 45-yard line at Notre Dame Stadium, and flashed his hand upwards in the universal sign for "I'm open." In his freshman year, the 1987 Stanford football media guide said Cory Booker "could be the class of a great class, judging by the accolades." It also noted that he already had plans to attend law school one day.

Playing under two coaching staffs, he says, helped him learn different ways to lead, and he says he still values the camaraderie, discipline, and gladiatorial feel he got from football.President Trump was totally successful in bringing both sides of the table together in a burning desire ... Booker's involved NJ state pride, and Mc Govern actually LOVED one part of Trump's speech -- the end.calling the pro-gun notion "outrageous." We got the senator from New Jersey on Wednesday in D. Booker admits he hadn't heard the remarks or seen the video himself -- but says it doesn't take a genius to know the idea is historically inaccurate and highly offensive. He tells us Young's sentiment is simply propaganda for the NRA, and just a way to push more guns ...which he says definitely isn't the answer now, and wasn't the answer then.

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  1. So people think Keri Hilson is too cute to not be dating anyone…well she says she is single to mingle. I tell my friends I’d rather have an upward mobile, forward marching, good Christian man, over a rich guy who will treat me like however.