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Mega Seg’s stability and reliability builds off of mac OS (and its solid UNIX foundation).

Since Apple makes both the hardware and OS, everything runs smoothly (a difficult task on Windows due to the magnitude of hardware combinations!

Note Mega Seg version 4.5.1 and older does not support OS X Lion 10.7 and newer.

Which can be especially damaging for a founder who sinks their life savings into a business idea that doesn’t work out…

most advisor technology innovation is advisor funded.

Accordingly, we’re excited to announce that our own Advice Pay payment processing solution for financial advisors is opening an extension to its prior Seed round, raising up to M of capital directly from the financial advisor community (at least, those who are eligible Accredited Investors! Because in the end, it seems the only way that technology will improve for financial advisors is to invest in making it happen ourselves!

It’s always a good idea to have a safety net just in case, and keep a backup drive or i Pod with your music handy.

(You can even install mac OS and Mega Seg on your backup and boot from it directly.) Sorry, not at this time.

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