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The International Journal of Computer Game Research Our Mission - To explore the rich cultural genre of games; to give scholars a peer-reviewed forum for their ideas and theories; to provide an academic channel for the ongoing discussions on games and gaming.Game Studies is a non-profit, open-access, crossdisciplinary journal dedicated to games research, web-published several times a year at Clothing from head to toe can be found as well as jewelry and high quality keychains to perfectly complement your outfit.Stay up-to-date und get the latest news and information about upcoming video games in our media section and impress your friends with endless insider knowledge.

Even the younger generation feels at home in the world of video gaming on their consoles at home like Xbox, Nintendo DS, PS or Wii.Gunjack 2: End of Shift is the sequel to the critically acclaimed and best-selling VR shooter, Gunjack.Available exclusively on Google Daydream, transporting you to the dangerous Outer Ring of New Eden.The last one sometimes also includes shooting when the enemy caught us sneaking or lurking in dark areas.These are exactly the moments that provide pure thrills and are the reason why we love to be entertained by video games.

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