Catchy slogans for online dating

It’s not a paid meet-and-greet – I still hang out after my shows as much as possible to meet whoever, and believe me there are a lot of them coming everywhere around the world very soon.

I have never been interested in commodifying my company.

At the risk of losing myself in a forest of hyperbole, I really can’t say enough god things about touring with Jason, his band and his crew.The first pile is a compilation of my favourite songs I’ve written over the past 6 records and 12 years, the original versions.Then there are 10 new recordings, which are rearrangements of old songs – new approaches, documents of live versions and so on.I’ll be there for the duration, with the Sleeping Souls.There are only 125 tickets going, so I’m expecting to get to know everyone pretty well while I’m there.

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