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By 50,000 BC, the aboriginal peoples of Indonesia sailed rafts to Australia; and maritime hunters from Siberia paddled or sailed dugout canoes along the coastal isles of Alaska, California, and Mexico.

Some brazen hunters reached South America by 30,000 BC.

The beauty of the ancient maps is that they contain precise details called “Diagnostic Geographical Markers.” These “markers” serve the same function as fingerprints found at a crime scene.

Hecataeus World Map (c.500 BC) portrays the “Old World” (Europe, Africa, and Asia) surrounded by water.Modern scholars would do well to abandon this myopic mental baggage, because the survival and prosperity of our species depends upon making an accurate appraisal of where we have come from in the past and where we need to be heading in the future.All the world’s peoples (and all religions) played a role in the past; and together we must build the pathway into the future.New World Natives were dependent upon Phoenician merchants for iron and bronze tools.Top panel includes Phoenician bronze chisels; bottom panel features bronze tools from ancient Peru.

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