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- Liverpool England for Rushworth and Dreaper - early 1922-1943 (made by Richard Williams, George Hemmings and Frank Fallowfield.) 146 are known to have been made, including a few violas and cellos. Throughout the 20th Century, they were German manufactured violins (mostly by Hofner), that were imported, then re-graduated and varnished in house in a red-brown shade with antiquing.

In the early 2000's, the name was sold to Eastman strings where similar work is now performed although the origins of the white instruments is unknown by this author.

They were primarily assembly line constructed instruments where one worker may have made tops and , and so forth. This is no different from the quality of today's trade instruments, some are very nice and others are .

Some of these workshops also produced un-varnished instruments that were sold to violin makers and shops to produce a specific look. The vast majority of Trade Instruments were simply labeled with a facsimile (copied) label of a famous maker like Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri and many others.

Care must be taken not to go too cheap when purchasing a beginner instrument, like some of the aforementioned on-line instruments, or the quality will simply be awful, not to mention the sound.

You will notice below that the firm of Jerome Thibouville Lamy (J. L), from Mirecourt France, had many, many models, they are reported to have had 1000 workers and an annual output of over 150,000 instruments for a number of years.

If you were to make a trip to Mittenwald, this will be obvious from this small sleepy town of cottages.

A couple of larger more commercial ventures there (today), like t This list is based on 40 years worth of seeing thousands and thousands of instruments and is an ongoing work and by no means meant to be all encompassing, there are probably 5 to 10 times this number that I have not seen or heard of.

These instruments were mostly made in Germany, Czechoslovakia or France, but some other countries also produced instruments. Some of the Trade Name instruments can be very nice, like the Roth firms instruments or some of the JTL ones, while many Trade Instruments are very poorly made and have little to no value today.

I have also tried to be as accurate as possible, but mistakes can happen and when new information is discovered, I will update the list.

I am not including any value ranges on these as that will change over time and would be impossible to maintain such a list.

It was thoroughly worked over by the violin makers in our workshop and is offered ready to play, with a highly recommendable sound, that is warm and mature, clear and full of character.

- some of these instruments are named after the sellers, but the vast majority are completely made up names, with no maker of instruments ever having had those names.

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