Bring together dating wise crossword clue

We have found the solutions of Somali supermodel who was married to David Bowie crossword clue and we have shared it below : Did you find the answer for Somali supermodel who was married to David Bowie crossword clue?

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Temperance, abste- miousness, self-control, self- restraint, self-denial, sobriety, fasting, continence, moderation, frugality. Excess, intoxication, self-indulgence, sensuality, wantonness, intemperance, greed, gluttony, revelry, dissi- pation. Abstaining, fasting; abstemious, sober, temperate, self-restraining, self-denying, continent, austere. Sensual, self-indulgent, intemperate, epicurean, dissi- pated, incontinent, debauched. Epitome, summary, abridgment, compend, synopsis, syllabus, outline, digest, brief, compendium, gist, drift, con- tents. Amplification, disqui- sition, exposition, eatpansion, ex- patiation. Appropriate, with- draw, remove, separate, take away, detach, purloin, part, eliminate, distract, discrimi- nate, abridge. A dd, complete, increase, restore, unite, conjoin, fill up, strengthen, combine. Separated, with- drawn, removed ; subtle, refined, abstruse; inattentive, preoccu* pied, dreaming, absent-minded, oblivious, thoughtless, negli- gent, indifferent, heedless, ab- sorbed, absent. Intelligible, lucid, trans- parent; attentive, intent, ob- servant, alert, prompt, ready, thoughtful, wide-awake. Disconnection, di* 6 abs] SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS [ac* junction, removal, isolation, separation; preoccupation, rev- ery, inattention, absorption, ab- sence; taking, abduction, seiz- ure, stealing, appropriation, purloining; classification, gen- eralization. Addition, conjunction, union, restitution, importation, restoration; enumeration, anal- ysis; attention, specification, observation, individkialization. Hidden, difficult, rec- ondite, profound, deep, curi- ous, occult, dark, obscure, mys- tical, hard, . Patent, simple, obvi- ous, trite, intelligible, manifest, lucid, clear, easy, plain, popu- lar, superficial. Ludicrous, monstrous, nonsensical, preposterous, sense- less, ridiculous, foolish, irra- tional, wild, unreasonable. Sensible, rational, rea- sonable, logical, wise, sagacious, sound, substantial, philosophi- cal, reflective, consistent, true. Unreasonableness, irrationality, foolishness, folly, fatuity, idiocy, extravagance, drivel.

Profusion, wealth, affluence; flow, flood, overflow; copiousness, fertility, richness, largeness, store, plenty, exuber- ance, plenteousness. Scarcity, deficiency, rarity, scantiness, dearth, fail- ure, poverty. Abounding, flowing, plentiful, liberal, bountiful, suf- ficient, lavish, plenteous, much, copious, replete, full, teeming. Rare, scarce, scant, de- ficient, insufficient, short, nig- gardly, sparing, impoverished, dry, drained. Misuse, dishonor, mal- treatment, outrage, reviling, ob- loquy, defamation, insult, dis- paragement, reproach, ill usage. Kindness, praise, def- erence, respect, honor, good treatment, good usage. Harm, ill-treat, ill-use, injure, wrong, maltreat, op- press, molest, malign, impose on, ruin, victimize, slander, vio- late, ravish, defile, disparage, damage, defame, misuse. Cherish, protect, re- gard, shield, respect, care for, tend, benefit; laud, favor, ap- plaud, extol, eulogize, praise; uphold, sustain, vindicate, con- serve. Insulting, rude, de- nunciatory, reproachful, injuri- ous, offensive, reviling, inso- lent, scurrilous, opprobrious. Respectful, attentive, laudatory, kind, flattering, courteous, complimentary, ob- sequious. Be adjacent, extend, im- pinge, project, approximate, be contiguous, adjoin ; end, border.

Cleansing, purging, purifying, scouring; detergent, cathartic.

vague, indefinite, mysterious, abstract, tran- scendental.

The part of speech of a word is designated by an abbrevi- ation in such cases as are necessary to save confusion. Desert, leave, for- sake, depart from, quit, give up, relinquish, discontinue, ab- dicate, renounce, repudiate, for- swear, withdraw from, vacate, surrender, retract, recant, re- tire from, cast off, abjure, cede, cease, resign, forego, yield, waive, part with, let go, lay down, evacuate, drop, deliver up. Claim, cherish, defend, keep, hold, maintain, protect, adopt, uphold, advocate, vindi- cate, occupy, undertake, prose- cute, pursue, follow, seek, guard, favor, retain, support, assert, haunt. of "abandon" ; depraved, corrupt, profligate, wicked, unprincipled, shameless, sinful, hardened, im- penitent, lost, demoralized, vicious, dissolute, reprobate, graceless, obdurate, licentious, incorrigible, irreclaimable, bad. Synonyms appear immediately after the leading word ; an- tonyms, after the abbreviation "Ant." This order is invariable. In the effort to make this list authoritative, the standard dictionaries and the acknowledged authorities on the sub- ject have been consulted.

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