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I looked around and there were no available counter seats, so I turned and said, “there does not seem to be any other places to sit. "“Not at all sweetie, please sit,” she said.“Thank you. I was adopted by a Cuban couple just after I was born.”“Well my name is Bess and I did not mean any offense,” she said.“No offense taken,” I responded. While eating my club sandwich and fries, we continued with some meaningless small talk, but I took stock of Bess.When I came down from my orgasmic high, I realized Bess had sat upright and was smiling at me.As I looked at her, I saw her lick the last dollops of cum from her lips.She looked up and smiled at me when she realized my cock was hard.I took her action to mean she wanted to suck my cock and I was more than willing to accommodate her. Bess quickly engulfed it, as I let out an audible moan.“Shoo,” she said and went back down on my cock. This girl was a very accomplished cocksucker, much better than anything I had ever experienced. When I came, I clamped my lips down to keep from crying out. Bess sucked and swallowed hard and took my entire load like a seasoned pro.

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