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Unlike most fighters, Vasyl's was a balanced, harmonious youth.He read a Russian translation of "Tom Sawyer" in grade school.He learned to hunt for pheasant and duck and to fish for carp. There was boxing tournament in Akkerman the following weekend."The Fast and the Furious" franchise seems to have contributed to his passion for drifting in supercharged cars (he has a hollowed-out Nissan 240 SX and a Mercedes-AMG C63). But nothing in his background suggests the depth or the well-mannered ferocity of his desire. "I cannot box in the competition," said Vasiliy."Calm down," said his father, who took him to the hospital, where Vasiliy recalls a doctor asking if he wanted to watch cartoons on the DVR. " A general anesthetic was administered intravenously, and Vasiliy's recollection ends there. "My character is strong.""It's not what you think," said his father.But Vasyl -- even as his father stands over him, counting, calibrating, critiquing every punch -- seems their antithesis."Watch him when he smiles," says the cutman, Russ Anber. They met while students at the State Pedagogical Institute in Odessa. After only a year, Tetiana placed fourth in the Soviet judo championships."It's from the heart."There's an unmistakable delight with which he trains. Anatoly thought deeply about athletic performance, ideas eventually crystalizing into convictions.

He never yells or intimidates, just explain."Gvozdyk's indoctrination into the Lomachenko method included crossword puzzles as training aids. It cost Lomachenko a split decision, but it was also an education and proof that an undefeated record remains the most overrated commodity in boxing.But he's also referring to guys who'd gather at a barber shop in Queens. It's not that Vasyl can't remember the first time he went to a gym.He doesn't remember not being in a gym."Then whose dream is this," I ask. "And for the first time in the two weeks I've spent at his camp, I see his ice blue eyes narrow. Mine."I inquire, then, as to the nature of his talent.He's that rare and most dangerous of fighters: the happy one. "I never asked my father about his dream," Vasyl says. When Vasyl himself was 6, he asked his father if it were better to win an amateur world title or an Olympic gold medal. It was important for Vasyl to maintain good grades, as an educated body was governed by an educated mind, intellectually stimulated and capable of decision-making under stress.And as it pertains to perils of collaboration between fathers and sons, especially those in the anguished history of combat sports, these Lomachenkos might yet prove the glorious exception. He knew only that his father turned him southpaw before he began sparring. Anatoly never believed in the kind of early specialization so prevalent today.

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