Benefits of dating shorter men

They are commonly regarded as less attractive to the opposite sex, are paid less in the workplace and, yes, occasionally need help reaching things down from high shelves.Just this week, academics at Chapman University discovered that short men had one to three fewer sexual partners than average or above average height people."Most people believe that being taller and heavier is a sign of higher social status and privilege," wrote Samaras."However, an objective evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of increased body size (excluding obesity) indicated that shorter, smaller bodies have numerous advantages in terms of health and longevity." So in the Top Trumps of life, longevity, the 'biggie' is won every time by the shorties - which not only piles extra irony on the expression 'life's too short', but also awards the last laugh to the little.

(Urban Dictionary defines this as one who discriminates based on height).

The absolute quickest way that I filter through men that I might be interested in is by height. When you spend 96.4% of your life taller than everyone around you, it is a pretty awesome thing when someone makes you feel small, more specifically when he's handsome and hugging you. At first it was strictly flattering, but then I started to experience a hint of frustration. The only reason we can't date is because of my height?

Apparently, as of late, I have seemed both extra fantastic and extra tall, because I have gotten several comments like "If I was only two/three/four/eight inches taller; I would totally date you".

According to researchers, the cancer risk for men increases by 11 per cent for every extra 10cm of height, whilst rising for women by a shocking 18pc per 10cm.

Studying data gathered on 5.5 million people born between 19, with heights ranging from 3ft 3in to 7ft 6in, the Swedish academics found that people of above average height were up to 30pc more susceptible to skin cancer.

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