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In this article, we have looked at six characteristics of a task and analysed two activities that would count as tasks.

We have also turned one less task-like activity into a task by moving it to near the beginning of the text-book unit, making it meaning-focused rather than form-focused, adding a definite outcome and making the instructions as precise as possible so the completion point is clear.

Mr Salmon, the former BBC1 controller, who was paid 1.85million home in Twickenham, south- west London.

Yesterday residents of Salford accused Mr Salmon of 'blind ignorance' and pointed to the city's new 'Millionaire's Row' properties around the redeveloped quayside area.

Richard's article presents an excellent overview of a task-based learning approach (TBL) and highlights its advantages over the more traditional Present, Practice, Produce (PPP) approach.

He has a link to a detailed lesson plan for the task ‘Planning a class night out'.

It will also enable us to identify activities which we can adjust and turn into tasks.

These are primarily form-focused activities, designed to practise language items that have been presented earlier.

So there are several potential outcomes (and you might well think of others) that could be created out of this activity to make it more task-like. If learners are clear what the outcome should be, and know the number of things to list or describe, they are more likely to engage with the task, speak with more confidence and know when they have completed it.

Think about this activity and apply the questions a) to f) above.

Which questions would you answer with a Yes, and which would be Not sure or No?

Trainee accountant Mark Jones, 25, said: 'Salford has private schools, golf courses and plenty of swish restaurants and bars. He's going to be in a penthouse apartment or a massive house for three days a week.

He should come and try it.' Barmaid Judith Dawson said: 'The BBC shouldn't be pandering to him. If anyone in another position refused to go I'm sure they'd lose their jobs. It's outrageous.' Pensioner Evelyn Askley, 72, said: 'I've never heard such claptrap. He should pay his own rent.' But Mr Salmon found some supporters in Twickenham, where families said they could understand his reluctance to move north.

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The final writing activity sets up an engaging memory challenge game with a clear outcome - to identify the person written about.

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