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This is the cheapest ticket compare to the legacy and budget airlines flying between this route. Upon landing, we were stranded in the taxi way due to some other delayed airline blocking our designated gate.

The seat was comfortable, the cabin crew were wonderful, the in-flight entertainment was good, could be a little broader but cannot complain.A female passenger went ill and her children got out of their seats to seek assistance but a crew sitting behind a few rows shouted at them to sit since the plane is still taxiing. Besides the little delay (20min) due to a catering problem, we were able to arrive before schedule in Mauritius.Unfortunately, none of the crew who were assisting can speak Arabic. The Captain gave a warm welcome message in perfect English. Both the cabin and cockpit crew gave us an excellent heads up on the situation.Catering was of a high standard and tasty (though not as great variety of choice as offered by middle eastern airlines) and was never left lacking.One the subject of catering, the photos of short-haul sector catering - the chicken salad with accompaniment is what KLM presented on AMS to MAN compared with our BA Club Europe meagre offering of an unappetising chicken sandwich (GOT to MAN in Feb 2018).

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