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Repeatedly rumored that the girl is madly in love with her partner.But every time Emma Watson denied the rumors, starting another romance with a player in rugby Tom Ducker, then with musician Rafael Sebriani, then with singer Johnny Borrell.For the fate of the heroine of Emma Watson and the hero Daniel Radcliffe in the movie "Harry Potter" fans watched almost 10 years.

Almost a decade to spend on the stage The site side by side and keep the wonderful friendly feelings succeeded by the young actors Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.The pair were spotted snuggled up together in the garden of the Imperial Arms in West London last Thursday.‘They arrived quite late at the pub – about 10pm – and sat outside, using each other’s bodies for warmth,’ says a source.Emma Watson, two-thirds of the Harry Potter trio, met with a group of print and Internet journalists for a &#Array; how should I describe it? We considered ourselves lucky with regard to the timing and scheduling of the interview, given the limited time these two had and, during this time of incredible interest, the number of people who wanted to talk to them. Entertainment Television, and at the time of this interview both were scheduled to be at MTV studios in Times Square in 45 minutes. Radcliffe was dressed down for the occasion in jeans and t-shirt, and Watson was looking very, well&#Array; Sgt. And they proved convincingly that they're both incredibly articulate and thoughtful young stars.Would you like to see them answer a few of the questions? Just click on the corresponding links for some unique first glimpses of the Q&A.

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