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She is sought out in the desert and convinced to return to Egypt, where she transforms into Hathor once back.Hathor, along with the goddess Nut, was associated with the Milky Way during the third millennium B. when, during the fall and spring equinoxes, the Milky Way aligned over and touched the earth where the sun rose and fell.The four legs of the celestial cow represented by Nut or Hathor could, in one account, be seen as the pillars on which the sky was supported with the stars on their bellies constituting the Milky Way on which the solar barque of Ra, representing the sun, sailed.Hathor also was favoured as a protector in desert regions (see Serabit el-Khadim).Hathor was often depicted in cow form nursing pharaohs in reference to this myth.Hathor has also been linked to cats, especially within New Kingdom Egypt.Another artifact from the first dynasty shows a cow lying down on an ivory engraving with the inscription "Hathor in the Marshes" indicating her association with vegetation and the papyrus marsh in particular.

A stone urn recovered from Hierakonpolis and dated to the first dynasty has on its rim the face of a cow deity with stars on its ears and horns that may relate to Hathor's, or Bat's, role as a sky-goddess.Hathor's maternal nature stems in part from the myth The Contendings of Horus and Seth.In the story, Hathor found Horus after being blinded by his brother, Seth.Twin feathers are also sometimes shown in later periods as well as a menat necklace.Hathor may be the cow goddess who is depicted from an early date on the Narmer Palette and on a stone urn dating from the 1st dynasty that suggests a role as sky-goddess and a relationship to Horus who, as a sun god, is "housed" in her.

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