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A few wear revealing attire, including one who has just straps across her otherwise visible breasts, while others show cleavage. One asks if Jack is circumcised and then says that if he's not, she won't go anywhere near him. Another woman states that she's never been with a man and wonders if it (sex) is painful.A woman demands that Jack strip so that they know what they're buying.Some real human births are seen with accompanying graphic nudity and related bodily fluids, while some fantastical moments show cartoon sperm on their way toward various eggs.Various characters have varying degrees of bad attitudes, a man commits suicide by jumping from a building (and accidentally kills others with bloody results), some guns are held on others in a flashback, and an adult hears his older parents arguing.A distraught man leaps from a window and crashes onto a vending stand, killing himself, the worker inside it and possibly two people nearby (we see their bodies on the sidewalk, but don't know if they're dead or just unconscious).We see a purposefully exaggerated flashback to the Watergate events where some famous white men call a black security guard "boy" and hold their guns on him." "You're f*cking killing me," "Quit f*cking around," "Shut the f*ck up," "You're so f*cked up," "You're crazy as a m*therf*ck," "Look at the f*cking balls on this one," "F*cking disgusting," "Why are you still f*cking with me?

Jack is initially reluctant, but with no job and no access to cash, he eventually agrees.

They then have sex up against the wall with lots of thrusting, related sounds (moaning and heaving breathing) and various shots of him between her legs (we see his bare butt in some).

Fatima brings a group of lesbians to Jack's place (for him to impregnate them).

Some of Don Angelo's goons spot Simona's lesbian girlfriend and say "Look at the f*cking balls on this one." The terms "carpet munchers" and muff divers" are then used.

One guy says that lesbianism is "f*cking disgusting" but adds that he'll watch.

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