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There is plenty of sexual attraction and fascination between vampires and humans, but this is definitely not a love story.The book begins with quite a horrible murder, and the violence and selfishness of vampires is evident throughout the story.The most disturbing aspect of the book, and the basis of my recommendation rating, is that there is a blatant misogyny that is fundamental to the plot.Though Amys attitude is rebellious and proud, Mahs nonchalant, often violent subjugation of females in her work is inappropriate and offensive. is the first in a new YA vampire series from writer Angela Lovell.Although Mahs plot is original and could make a good vampire series, other than Amy herself, the characters are standard and underdeveloped.The voice changes erratically, alerting the reader to new point of view by italics and sub-heading, and these devices make the story amateurish and difficult to follow.This doesnt detract hugely from the overall quality of the novel though, and did make me want to read the next installment.Pandora Zwieback is a perfectly normal goth/punk teenage schizophrenic.

I found this to be a particular strength, as Lovells hero is compelling and believable (which is not always the case in YA fiction).Like most of the Morganville books, Last Breath ends on a cliffhanger.This does mean that it cant really be read as a standalone; the series makes a lot more sense if read in sequence.But for readers who have been enjoying the series so far, Last Breath is a great new episode in one of the strongest YA vampires series around. Amy Mahs first book, Fangs Rule: A Girls Guide to Being a Vampire, was a charming, beautifully illustrated work with an adolescent viewpoint that was clever and light.But her new work, Amy Mah: Vampire, is a departure in the wrong direction.

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It tells the story of Blue Knightly, a young man from the South who has to travel to New York to identify the body of his younger sister.

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