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The groupies, girl friends and ex wives have seen it all.

Windhoek, Namibi: Gender Research & Advocacy Project, Legal Assistance Centre. - "Most of the men I know who have girlfriends are saying that theyprefer to have sex with us moffies [effeminate males] because they dont want to catch STDs cheating on them, or HIV, or get someone pregnant. What emerges in my analyses is a picture of sexuality that cannot be viewed as a fixed set of predictable roles or behaviours that can be readily mapped onto the parameters of Western sexual identity categories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual. Baltazar, a Nairobi epidemiologist, also admitted that homosexuality is rampant in the prisons.

Heterosexualisation also includes the homosexualisation of male-male love.

It is one of the most basic forms of male oppression.[Comment: "the homosexualisation of male-male love" is basically the ideology that male-male sexuality is only natural - 'real'? for a tiny minority of males known to be "gay" - maybe also 'bisexual' -that is also said to be the result of anomalous biological 'tiny minority' brain differences.] From a random sample of schools in Sri Lanka: By the age of 19 for males, 13.8% reported experiencing oral sex with at least one male, and 21.4% reported anal sex experience, with 21.7% reporting "Inter-femoral sex with male partner".

Same-sex sex was also rampant in western world prisons up to the 1960s/1070s, but the new "gay" "sexual minority" ideology indoctrination essentially killed this previouly lived self-disovering reality for male prisoners.]..

What would surprise many is that before the British arrived in India, the Indian society had many socially approved spaces in the mainstream male society, where male-male intimacy flourished openly.

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