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In addition, the ability of AMS to measure the numbers of individual 14C atoms present, rather than having to wait to detect the small numbers of 14C atoms decaying, makes the measurement time very much shorter for AMS.Other isotopes that have been analyzed using AMS include 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, 41Ca, and 129I.

Comparisons can also be made to any user-supplied data-set.AMS radiocarbon dating is of value to multiple areas of Quaternary research.These include archaeology, oceanography, hydrology, geology, and paleoclimatology.This knowledge is less common among museum curators, conservators and preservation scientists whose collections may not be defined as archaeological, but nevertheless contain dateable materials.The National Science Foundation-University of Arizona Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (NFS-Arizona AMS) Laboratory is the premier center for archaeological radiocarbon dating in the United States, having performed measurements on the Shroud of Turin, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Vinland Map, the Gospel of Judas, and many documents in private collections.

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