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Anna Sophia: Dwayne is very supportive, but the thing I love about him the most is the way that he really respects everybody on the set. Did you get starstruck when you met him for the first time? Alan [the director] would ask me what I thought of everyone who auditioned. Plus, I went to Mumbai in India, which was amazing. I’ve shot a couple of movies down there and I think he’s been doing an amazing job helping rebuild everything. That’s definitely one of my goals in life – but I have a passion for acting, so I really want to do this for now. Anna Sophia: It was exciting trying to figure out who my brother would be. I’d love to be able to influence the world and share stories. Just think of the attention certain actors can bring to things they’re passionate about. Anna Sophia: I think Brad Pitt is a great example of that with Louisiana. I wouldn’t feel whole if I wasn’t pursuing my dream. Alexander: I would love to go to university and get a degree.

Every day of her life was a constant new day of being better being thinner and being pretty.

Piper's Pi Pe Ri Fi C dress during the interview with Willow Shields is from La Bella Flora Children's Boutique.

Visit them at Pi Pe Ri Fi C pettiskirt in the interview with Alexander Ludwig is from Kaiya Eve! Title: ALEXANDER LUDWIG Pranks ANNASOPHIA ROBB WILLOW SHIELDS Talks HUNGER GAMES with PIPER REESE!

No one ever liked the fat girls at school and making her locked up her to become fat would not do it just wouldn't.

So she pretended and lied saying she ate every day when she was really purging and hiding the food for one reason only because one day of saying she was eating meant she was one day closer to leaving this dump…

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He just sat there watching her finish the small drink in her hands making sure she didn't get up to use the bathroom afterwards to purge.

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