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(I guess there are more non-Jews out there.) Are they wrong for treating me this way, or am I? Hillary in Atlanta Our answer begins with a question you must answer. This has nothing to do with how religiously observant you are; it has to do with how you define yourself in terms of your history, your culture, your spiritual beliefs and your relationship to God.

We see that you feel a connection to Judaism from the fact that you clicked onto this website!

American Jews have much in common socially and culturally with their non-Jewish countrymen, and it’s easy for them to form an emotional bond.

You can say that you’ll date people from another religion until you’re ready date for marriage, but what will happen if you fall in love with someone before your self-appointed cut-off date?

Intermarried families tend to break off from these traditions within one generation.

When you date non-Jews, even as a young adult who isn’t ready to think about dating for marriage, you significantly increase the chances that you will marry a non-Jew.

I have never dated a Jewish guy, because the guys I am attracted to simply are never Jewish.Louis— each of those cities has vibrant Jewish communities.Or check out a Jewish student organization at the nearby university.Christianity), than to incorporate Jewish traditions and values into their home.Sadly, the majority of people who marry out of the Jewish faith maintain only minimal connections with Jewish life.

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For a current schedule, go to: & Sherry I am 19 and grew up not knowing of my Jewish blood.

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