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Now over time I have found many ways to use them and ways not to use them, here is the best 3 week waves for each lift using bands and chains that I have found.

Week 1 50% Bar Weight with 80 lbs of chain for 6 sets of 3 Week 2 50% Bar Weight with 150 lbs of band for 8 sets of 1 Week 3 Straight Weight up to Max off of 2″ Block then recycle and pull from the floor next rotation. I use only Dbl Minis, or the singled light bands when doing so.

I realized that the weeks when I was wearing a bench shirt and using 8- 900 pounds, my Raw bench would increase.

With that being said; I have had very good results with bands but people tend to overcomplicate them. Week 1: 3 Sets 3 Reps (2 reps left in tank) Blue Bands Red bands on assistance Week 2: 3 Sets 2 Reps (1 rep left in tank) Blue Green Bands Purple bands on assistance Week 3: 3 Sets 1 Rep (max but do not miss) Blue Green Purple Bands Green bands on assistance Week 4: 5 Sets 5 Reps (50% – use as deload) Green Bands On my band weeks I will also use bands on literally EVERY exercise.

Let’s take a look at how some Team Juggernaut members, some of the strongest athletes in the World, utilize these powerful and controversial modalities into their training…

Brandon Lilly When I started powerlifting I was in awe of all the new bars, and gadgets we could use, specifically the bands and chains.

I don’t use chains because I haven’t lifted at a gym with chains heavy enough to serve their purpose and since I travel a lot it is easier to pack my bands around.

The main reason I don’t use bands is because when training raw – there are other manipulations of the lifts I like to do instead of accommodating resistance.

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I will probably end up using Chains again in my training at some point whenever I feel like I need them again!

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