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One hundred years ago today, on August 4, 1914, German troops began pouring over the border into Belgium, starting the first major battle of World War I.

The Great War killed 10 million people, redrew the map of Europe, and marked the rise of the United States as a global power.

Both units remained in active service with the I&M railroad until at least 2009. 31 is currently disassembled at the TZPR shops in Peoria, IL. However, the design of the GMD-1 had one primary purpose in mind; a locomotive that could replace the steam engines used on the very light rail branch lines of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada.

Between 19, Canadian railroads had built thousands of miles of branch lines to access the massive grain fields of the Canadian prairies.

It was also converted to a newer EMD control stand with 26L air. Both the 12 share the same unique headlight hood rarely seen in the U. The front train line was re-routed so the air can be cut in from the engineer's side (switcher style) and the snowplows were removed and replaced with straight steel pilots.

It was completely rebuilt around 1989 by the CN at their Pointe St. Among the many modifications and upgrades, the 1000 gallon fuel tank was exchanged for a 2000 gallon custom unit, BB flexicoil trucks that came off a retired GP9 replaced the A1A style trucks, and an EMD 12-645C / D15C diesel engine/generator combo replaced the original 12-567 unit. Essentially rebuilt to EMD SW1500 specifications, the No. The was originally a GMD SW9, now built to SW1200Ru specs, previously serving with the Canadian Pacific. Several modifications were undertaken after the No. The large white snow cowling over the radiator grill were removed and replaced with a conventional screen type grill, custom made by the OPR's Brian Samuels.

Typically the 0 in the original number was replaced with a 1.

The replaces the snow radiator intake and top covers that were in use up in Canada, but are not needed here in Oregon. The 1413 is the first locomotive to have this motto applied. Because of a rolling action discovered while testing on the East Portland Division, that occures on some sections of track, the OPR had to install custom made shocks and brackets.

While based on the SW1200, the GMD-1 is its own design and the first locomotive designed and built by the Canadian based GMD division of EMD.18 GMD-1s were put into passenger service, utilizing the extra space in the short hood for steam generators and using conventional 4 wheel flexicoil trucks. In 1977, the Canadian government enacted laws that allowed the railroads to start abandoning the prairie branch lines that were not economically feasible.

This would mark the beginning of the end to the light rail Canadian prairie branch lines, although GMD-1s would continue to serve in that role for a number of years later.

Canadian National also received 18 GMD-1s which were equipped with B-B trucks and fitted with steam generators for passenger service. The RS1325 differed from the GMD-1 in that it made 1325 h.p., equipped with an EMD 12-567-D engine and riding on 2 axle flexicoil trucks. 1045 and like all GMD-1s was originally equipped with an EMD 12-567-C prime mover, making 1200 h.p.

5 GMD-1s went to Northern Alberta Railways and were fitted with A1A flexicoil trucks. 300-305) These 5 units would ultimately become Canadian National locomotives when the CN purchased the NAR in 1980. They were ordered by the C&IM railroad for use as passenger car switchers, but instead were mostly used in freight service. These engines were considered "road switchers", being suitable for both switching and mainline road use.

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