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I thought of that Bob Dylan song where he says, “I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul.” And I know that what I could offer right now would never be enough for someone like Jessie. I love her, yet I know there’s nothing else I can do.

Jessie wants it all, and who am I to take that away from her? I also know that I shouldn’t string myself along either.

The metadata has been prepared by Kenya Law as a guide in understanding the subject of the judicial opinion.

Kenya Law makes no warranties as to the comprehensiveness or accuracy of the information IN THE MATER OF UNIVERSAL RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED AND IN THE MATTER OF THE COMPANIES ACT NO.

Before heading to the airport she gave me an envelope that had the book by A. Selfishly, part of me wishes that she could be more of an aggressor, someone who would try to convince me to change my mind just once. Maybe that’s all BS, and I’m just making cowardly excuses. Maybe I’m just a scared little boy who can’t “man up.” Whatever it is, I know she deserves more.

And the parameters of this experiment didn’t allow me to see things very clearly.The application is also supported by annexed exhibits. It is averred that the first exparte applicant is a director of Universal Resources International Ltd, a private company licensed to engage for minerals in Kenya and have sourced out investments from Australian Nationals to invest money in Kenya and as such, have an obligation to the investors to ensure good returns for their money and not to incur losses through fraud.That the 1 applicant has gone to a great extent of obtaining all necessary prospecting and exploration licences from the National and County governments, purchasing and acquiring specialized machinery from abroad and locally for the mining purposes and sought funding and investments from foreign investors, to the tune of about 50,000,000. That when it was discovered that some serious fraud and misconduct had been conducted by the directors and members of the company, the company convened an extraordinary meeting on 15 December 2014 at Sirona Hotel with due notice given to the Registrar of Companies and that in the said meeting, in-depth discussions on the welfare of the company was discussed and the dubious activities of some directors. That among the decisions reached in the meeting of the company were the appointment of the 1 applicant as the interim Chairman of the company and Stephen Kimanyi, Jason William Douglas Smith and Arthur Dominic Caruana as directors of the company.17 OF 2015 AND IN THE MATER OF AN APPLICATION FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW ORDERS OF MANDAMUS AGAINST THE REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES MARK LLOYD STEPHENSON...................................................1 exparte applicant herein, as submitted by Gaitho A.Mwaniki Certified Public Secretary and Company Secretary thereof, to effect the changes thereof and issue a certificate of Directors and shareholders as stated thereon; That costs of the application be provided for. The notice of motion is supported by the affidavit sworn by Mark Lloyd Stephenson, the statutory statement and verifying affidavit which were filed accompanying the chamber summons seeking leave of court to institute these proceedings on 29 February 2016.

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